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Intercom, Paging, and Music


Intercom systems allow for communication between spaces that are separated by distance or walls, are very common especially in large office buildings or apartment complexes. Because they allow for ease of communication and therefore increase both productivity and security, they are a top choice for many business owners where buildings are especially large and businesses are often separated across floors and by elevators. They are also a great choice for loading docks or the delivery doors where an employee may not hear the bell working in an office. Intercoms are a perfect marriage with a gate access system. Intercoms can be independent or integrated to an existing phone system allowing any desk/employee to answer and remotely open the door or gate.


Because there are a wide variety of intercom systems available, it’s important to be aware of what needs your specific business has that an intercom system will assist.


Paging and Music


Simple Circuits Inc. provides, installs, repairs, and maintains paging systems from the manufacturing sector to the retail sector (such as ACE Hardware) to the health care environment for hallways and waiting rooms. These systems can have music integrated or independent.

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