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Photo Gallery

Simple Circuits Inc. has the knowledge and expertise to design systems that outperform your expectations in your specific industry.

Getting on top of a few things...

Speaker change at a park district pool. 


Getting our ducks in a row. Ok well our wire anyway. 

Maybe we should have waited to finish before taking the picture or maybe the boss slipped in to check on the work? 

Tucked away.

Our client had limited space in a small office so we went up. Of course there was still room in that space for a needed step ladder. 


An eye not quite in the sky...

A PTZ installation to watch the parking lot and perhaps the Canadian Geese migration? 

Need to go to the dentist?

We did, but luckily our teeth were not the reason this time. Oh yeah, three out of four caught out of uniform. Casual Friday? 


Send us some ideas of photos you would like to see !

Photoshoot setup
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